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Faculty members have a wide range of classroom goals. Empowering students today requires technological solutions tailored to the demands of an ever-evolving world, and each Academic Technologies team member wants to help you advance your classroom. Whether you’re creating online classes or enhancing those on ground, we’re here for consultation and support for implementation.

Spencer R. Pruitt, PhD

AVP – Research and Academic Computing

Spencer R. Pruitt, PhD

AVP – Research and Academic Computing

Spencer R. Pruitt received his B.S. degree in chemistry from the University of Minnesota Duluth. He then entered the graduate program at Iowa State University, joining the research group of Prof. Mark S. Gordon. After completing his PhD, he continued his work in the Gordon group as a postdoctoral associate. Afterwards, he spent time as a postdoctoral appointee in the Leadership Computing Facility at Argonne National Laboratory working on massively parallel fragmentation methods and porting code to new architectures. Before coming to Northeastern, he worked as a Computational Scientist at Worcester Polytechnic Institute where he expanded the HPC resources, supported faculty and students with their research computing needs, and served as Interim Director of Academic and Research Computing.

 Lindsey Sudbury

Director of Academic Technologies

Email -l.sudbury@northeastern.edu

 Chris Carrillo

Assistant Director, Integrated Learning Systems

Email – c.carrillo@northeastern.edu

Clair Waterbury

Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning with Technology

Email – c.waterbury@northeastern.edu

Jesse Savage

Academic Instructional Technologist

Email – j.savage@northeastern.edu


Erin Provensal

Academic Instructional Technologist

Email – e.provensal@northeastern.edu

Lucas Wright

Academic Instructional Technologist

Email – l.wright@northeastern.edu

Samy Hay

Learning Systems Developer II

Email – s.hay@northeastern.edu

Image of Sharon Hatton

Sharon Hatton

Academic Instructional Technologist

Email – s.hatton@northeastern.edu

Marlena Bravender

Senior Instructional Design Consultant

Email – m.bravender@northeastern.edu

Liz Balko

Instructional Design Consultant

Email – l.balko@northeastern.edu

Meegan Willi

Instructional Design Consultant

Email – m.willi@northeastern.edu

Megan Reinle

Instructional Design Consultant

Email – m.reinle@northeastern.edu

Picture of Jason Neenos

Jason Neenos

Instructional Design Consultant

Email – j.neenos@northeastern.edu

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