Teaming Up to Empower Students

When you ensure learners are accommodated, challenged, and constantly growing, you’re doing more than teaching—you’re creating opportunities that start with the individual and end in a better world. Academic Technologies is here to strategize with you, helping your students excel in a supportive university environment, thrive as real-world collaborators, and enjoy the benefits of a tech-enhanced education.

Global Learning Spaces

Global Learning Spaces (GLS) are classrooms that put the best teaching technologies at your fingertips. Select classrooms at Northeastern campuses in Boston, Oakland, Seattle, Burlington, and Vancouver have been transformed to Global Learning Spaces—the new vision for a consistent teaching and learning experience across the university’s global campus system. 

Teaching with Technology

Leverage Canvas and integrated tools to transforming teaching anytime, anywhere.

Inclusive Communities

Engage every learner and build diverse networks.