Teaching with Technology

Digitally Enabling Academic Pursuits

Today’s learners exercise their knowledge beyond brick-and-mortar academia. To meet the needs of an increasingly mobile classroom, you can work with us to enhance student engagement and collaboration anytime, anywhere, on any device. As a result, students become empowered to blend their digital literacy and academic prowess to achieve higher outcomes—before and after graduation.

Learning Anytime, Anywhere

To support Northeastern 2025, the university requires a modern learning management system designed to meet the needs of campuses and learners. We’ll assist in setting you up with teaching tools and providing students with cloud, mobile, social, and experiential learning modalities.

man using laptop

Transforming Teaching with Tablets

Transforming Teaching with Tablets is returning for a second semester, Spring of 2022. This pilot program introduces tablets for teaching while building a community of instructors for sharing best practices and discovering new innovative methodologies.

Capture Your Lecture

Videos are a convenient way for students to stay engaged and build their course mastery. With simple record, pause, and stop controls in a cloud environment, you can merge visuals and lecture while further enhancing your content with basic audio, highlighting, and drawing features. 

Taking Your Course Online

As Northeastern expands globally, members of the Academic Technologies team recognize the need to  facilitate effective remote learning. We’re here to collaborate with faculty in leveraging technology to transform face-to-face courses into online courses with integrated teaching and learning tools.