Using breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams for engagement

Nov 8, 2023

Have you ever assigned collaborative work that didn’t go as planned? Many instructors have experienced this situation and there can be numerous reasons for the problem. If you’ve ever been a part of a team or committee, you know how difficult it can be to work collaboratively. However, students may be new to collaboration. They may feel hesitant to speak up in a small group or members of the group may not have the communication skills needed for effective collaboration.  

While it is important to help students learn how to effectively collaborate, it is also helpful to have technology that facilitates communication and productive group work. Microsoft Teams’ breakout rooms are an excellent solution to many of the problems of collaboration, as this video demonstrates. 

Breakout rooms enable instructors to create the kind of collaborative atmosphere that most students will work in after college. So in addition to creating a site for meaningful learning and engagement, breakout rooms provide students with skills that are transferable to the workplace.

Additionally, so many instructors now use breakout rooms that a quick online search for pedagogical uses of Teams will provide you novel ideas that can make learning easier and create greater engagement.  

To learn more about the basics, such as how to create and use breakout rooms, see  “How do I create and manage breakout rooms in Teams?”  For a more general introduction see “FAQ: Microsoft Teams for Teaching.” 


And as always, if you have technology questions, visit the Tech Service Portal. 

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