What’s new in Academic Technologies – Updates coming on April 30

Apr 17, 2024

Academic Technologies is pleased to announce a number of updates that will be implemented on April 30. These changes will enable more secure connectivity between Canvas and external tools, including Panopto, Gradescope, VoiceThread, Pearson, McGraw-Hill Connect, and Top Hat while unlocking additional functionality. 

Here’s what you can expect: 


  • Enhanced video search capabilities to simplify content discovery. 
  • Improved video playback for smoother streaming experiences. 
  • New analytics for instructors to track engagement and viewer behavior. 


  • Streamlined assignment setup process to save time in Canvas. 
  • Expanded support for diverse question types, including advanced programming. 
  • Enhanced feedback mechanisms for more detailed student evaluations. 


  • Upgraded interface for a more intuitive user experience. 
  • New integration features for deeper course material embedding. 
  • Enhanced accessibility to enable full engagement for all students. 


  •  Integration of Pearson and Pearson myLab. 
  • Improved grade synchronization with Canvas for seamless updates. 
  • Enhanced content security to protect digital resources. 
  • Access to expanded library content directly within Canvas. 
  • Faculty will be required to update Pearson-provided materials. 

McGraw-Hill Connect 

  • Streamlined access to Connect and ALEKS for easy assignment and assessment entry. 
  • Enhanced adaptive learning features for personalized student experiences. 
  • New reporting tools for instructors to monitor progress and engagement. 

Top Hat 

  • Simplified course roster and structure synchronization with Canvas. 
  • Advanced-grade syncing capabilities for immediate performance insights. 
  • Enhanced interactive content, including diverse question types and multimedia. 
  • Engagement tools to boost interaction in live and asynchronous sessions. 
  • Improved accessibility features to meet current standards and inclusivity. 

 Top Hat, Pearson, and McGraw-Hill have detailed course requirements, your best support options are through the vendor. 

Please note that these services may be intermittently unavailable during implementation on April 30, 2024, a date chosen by the Provost’s Office and the Learning Management Environment Steering Committee as least likely to be disruptive. Overall, Canvas will not be affected.  

 Fall 2024 course shells will be available in Canvas on May 15. 

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