Elevating Education through Global Learning Spaces

Dec 11, 2023

Marguerite Matherne, an assistant teaching professor in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering department, joined Northeastern in the fall of 2021, bringing a wealth of experience in teaching various courses, from Mechanics of Materials to Fluid Mechanics, Statics, and Introduction to Material Science. Driven by her passion for teaching and a commitment to delivering an outstanding learning experience, she eagerly embraced the innovative Global Learning Spaces (GLS) at Northeastern. 

Two Key Benefits of Global Learning Spaces 

  1. Every seat is a front-row seat: Leveraging high-quality cameras within GLS rooms, Matherne shares notes, writes equations, and conducts in-depth demonstrations during class. The GLS cameras enhance the in-class experience for all students, both in the physical classroom and when students review the recording at home, ensuring an engaging experience that students can return to when studying. 
  1. Seamless integration makes start-up quick and easy: Matherne commends the swift setup of GLS classrooms, effortlessly joining with her iPad via Teams meeting. This efficiency minimizes disruptions during her teaching, allowing her to focus on content delivery without concerns about troubleshooting. A consultation with Academic Technologies allowed her to develop and practice her demonstration strategies and get comfortable working on her iPad, which ensures valuable class time remains uninterrupted. 

Matherne’s experience teaching in GLS exemplifies the transformative potential of technology in education. The seamless integration of advanced features and platforms, such as Teams, empowers educators to create an engaging learning experience without needing advanced skills with audiovisual technologies. As Marguerite continues to leverage the advantages of GLS, she not only inspires her students but also contributes significantly to the ongoing evolution of education in our increasingly digital age. 

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Global Learning Spaces

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Global Learning Spaces

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